Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ClearCare One Bottle Solution for CLeaning and Disinfection

I rate this a 10 out of 10.

After receiving my Barbie King Size Brown lenses, I immediately soaked whipped out my freshly purchased bottle of ClearCare One Bottle No-Rub solution to clean my circle lenses.

I must say.. WOW!

At first, I as a little skeptical about using the ClearCare provided lens-case. Then I realized I HAD to use it to clean the lenses. The special case forces the lenses to be vertical while the solution goes to work cleaning them while I sleep.

Night 1: I soaked these for 6 hours. I rinsed the lenses with Alcon's Opti-Free's solution right before putting them in my eyes. Mild stinging, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Night 2: Just as I did during night 1, I popped my lenses into the ClearCare case with solution, and after about 7 hours of soaking, I woke up and popped the lenses into my eyes.


ZERO fuzziness. ZERO blurriness. ZERO "Halos" in my field of vision. ZERO stinging.

I bought 2 bottles of ClearCare from BigLots for $6.70 including tax and the special lens case. QUITE THE BARGAIN.

So, here's my verdict. If you want your circle lenses to last and you need them spotlessly clean and disinfected, free from protein residue and other kinds of buildup, go with this stuff. It WORKS.

I never had to add eye drops to my lenses at any point during my 8 hours of wearing my Barbie King Size Brown lenses.

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Jasmin Alexia said...

amazing! i actually was looking for a eye contacts cleaner that cleans well.

love the blog! definitely keep up the great posts! I'll be back to read more in the future :)


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