Tuesday, March 16, 2010

ClearCare One Bottle Solution for CLeaning and Disinfection

I rate this a 10 out of 10.

After receiving my Barbie King Size Brown lenses, I immediately soaked whipped out my freshly purchased bottle of ClearCare One Bottle No-Rub solution to clean my circle lenses.

I must say.. WOW!

At first, I as a little skeptical about using the ClearCare provided lens-case. Then I realized I HAD to use it to clean the lenses. The special case forces the lenses to be vertical while the solution goes to work cleaning them while I sleep.

Night 1: I soaked these for 6 hours. I rinsed the lenses with Alcon's Opti-Free's solution right before putting them in my eyes. Mild stinging, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Night 2: Just as I did during night 1, I popped my lenses into the ClearCare case with solution, and after about 7 hours of soaking, I woke up and popped the lenses into my eyes.


ZERO fuzziness. ZERO blurriness. ZERO "Halos" in my field of vision. ZERO stinging.

I bought 2 bottles of ClearCare from BigLots for $6.70 including tax and the special lens case. QUITE THE BARGAIN.

So, here's my verdict. If you want your circle lenses to last and you need them spotlessly clean and disinfected, free from protein residue and other kinds of buildup, go with this stuff. It WORKS.

I never had to add eye drops to my lenses at any point during my 8 hours of wearing my Barbie King Size Brown lenses.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

En Francaise! Circle Lense, Gyaru Makeup Tutorial

Thursday, March 4, 2010

BOMB Tutorial!

Ulzang Makeup Tutorial

I include these tutorials because once you GET the circle lenses, you gotta know how to really play them up!!!

Barbie Eye Black

Source: EyeCandy Lenses - http://eyecandylens.x10hosting.com

Honey Color.com circle lens review

Sunflower Green lenses

You can fast forward to 4:19 seconds into this super long review to see the HoneyColor.com lenses she got.

Why do the manufacturers tell you to soak your lenses for 6 hours?

"6 Freaking Hours? I just waited 2 weeks for my lenses!"

Why do manufacturers of circle lenses ask you to soak your lenses in solution for 6 hours?

When contact lenses are packaged in glass vials for sale, the manufacturers put them in a preservative solution to preserve them for their wearers. In the original sterile, sealed glass vial packaging, contact lenses can be stored for up to 5 years.

Once you open the vials and take your contacts out, the seal is broken and the sterile environment is gone.

On your lenses, at least the first time you put them on, the contacts still have the preservative on/in them. Contacts absorb some of that solution into the lenses. As you have probably seen in descriptions of the contact lenses, manufacturers tell wearers what the water content % is. The preservative is water-soluble, and as such, the lenses will absorb some of it.

To avoid irritation to your eye from this preservative, you must soak your contacts for at least 6 hours.

Is the preservative toxic? Probably not-- if it were, they wouldn't use it for contact lenses. You probably won't die if you busted your lenses out of the vials and put them in right away, BUT doing so is definitely not a good idea and will sting like hell.

So, that's why!

Barbie King Size Brown and Blue

Barbie King Size Blue

  •  5 days shipping from Malaysia to Denmark
  • Generally good customer service
  • Free gift with purchase!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MEGA Circle Lense Review!

GEO Nudy Green,
Barbie Eye

Service: PinkyParadise

Seems to be very happy with her lenses. The Adult Violet lenses seemed to be the only letdown I saw in this video. They were a letdown because I didn't see the enlargement of the eyes that the other darker lenses gave their wearers, although the color was nice.

Wonder Eye Green

Product: Wonder Eye Green
Source: PinkyParadise

Not much of a review... however, this is 3 things in one that we like!
  • Makeup Tutorial
  • MALE circle lens wearer
  • Caucasian circle lens wearer
Why am I making a point about this guy being well... a white guy? Because circle lenses are predominantly worn by asian girls! Most of the videos and marketing pictures out there are in either Japanese, Tagalog, or Korean and features those ethnic models.

The purpose of our site is to show a variety of options and people wearing circle lenses, and also to support NON-ASIAN wearers.

Also, when you wear Circle lenses, you have to learn how to do you makeup all over again. you have to make slight changes in how you wear your makeup to make them look the best they can.

Let's face it. If you're not asian, you likely started admiring your asian friend's circle lenses and wanted a pair of your own. THIS SITE IS FOR YOU.

GEO Ash Wing Review

  • GEO Ash Wing (14.0 mm)
  • PinkyParadise.com 
  • Good shipping time under 2 weeks.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wonder Eye Brown

Site: Pinky Paradise.com

  • Wonder Eye Brown
  • Shipped from Malaysia to California in 10 days
  • Had a good experience overall

Monday, February 8, 2010

Mega GEO Circle Lens Review

The site: PinkyParadise.com

  • GEO Ash Wing
  • GEO Nudy Blue
  • GEO Super Size Angel Grey

Monday, January 18, 2010

MyCandyEyes.com - Bad Site Review!

  • GEO Wing Blue ("They're not that blue!")
  • GEO Honey Wing Brown ("They look good.")
  • MyCandyEyes.com
  • 1 pair, two different colors WTF?
  • Not a good experience

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bad Review MyCandyEyes.com

Sounds like this person had an issue with her order at MyCandyEyes.com. In a nutshell...

  • GEO Tri-Color in Green
  • Didn't get a receipt
  • Didn't get the order within the 2-week time frame the company promised, instead it came in 3 weeks,